Discover your 14 Tarot Birth Cards

Referential Birth Chart

Encounter your inner self with the Tarot of Marseille

A unique method of self-knowledge and personal development with the Tarot of Marseille


Discover your 14 Tarot of Marseille Birth Cards

What is the Referential Birth Chart system?

The Referential Birth Chart (RBC) system is a method of personal development and growth based on the Tarot of Marseille. It helps us to get a better self-knowledge and access our inner self through the symbolism of the Tarot.

Our RBC is calculated from our date of birth. From this calculation, we get 14 cards, also called ‘Arcana’ (13 Major Arcana and 1 Minor Arcana) in 14 Houses. Each House has a symbolic meaning: my mission in life,  my resources, my challenges, my heritage… The idea is to find what each Arcana is saying to us and which advice it gives us.

We can compare the RBC to a symbolic representation of the cards that were given to us at birth:

How do we play them?

And how can we BETTER play them?

Referential Birth Chart

Who created the Referential Birth Chart (RBC) system? 

The founder of this method is Georges Colleuil, a French philosopher, linguist and author. He wrote many books on the therapeutic function of symbols, on the Tarot of Marseille, on mythology and how to work with our dreams. He created the Referential Birth Chart during the 80’s. He founded his own school (École internationale du Référentiel de Naissance) and is now teaching this method around the world.

You can learn more about Georges Colleuil’s work by visiting his website (in French):

How can the Referential Birth Chart help me ?

Our Referential Birth Chart is a mirror of ourselves and an encounter with our inner self. It is a great tool for self-knowledge and personal development.

It can help us to better understand ourselves. In times of troubles or big changes, it helps us to understand what is going on in our lifes.

It can make us get conscious of our resources and  our mission in life. It may show us how to solve some issues we are facing. It can give us indications on how people see us and how we could better communicate. It depictes our inner conflits and tells us how we can solve them.

Each year, one of the Arcana of our RBC is changing and is bringing a new energy into our chart. At the same time, it brings new challenges and new resources for this particular year. A focus on this Arcana is always useful to understand what we are going through during this period of time.

The RBC’s 14 Houses and their meanings

House 1 – my ‘business card’, i.e. how I present myself to the world

House 2 – my inner quest

House 3 – my desire and my fears, my mental filters

House 4 – my mission or life task, what I am intended to do

House 5 – what repeats in my life

House 6 – my main resources

House 7 – my main challenges

House 8 – my annual card, the energies for the year

House 9 – my deeper self, the achievement of my soul

House 10 – the difficulties I shall experiment to grow

House 11 – my legacy

House 12 – my transmission

House 13 – my paradox

House 14 – the key to overcome what repeats in my life

The Tarot of Marseille

The Referential Birth Chart, composed of our 14 Tarot birth Cards, is based on the Tarot of Marseille.

The Tarot of Marseille is widely used in France and in many European countries. This is the ancestor of most tarots used nowadays in Europe.

There are many mysteries surrounding the origin of the Tarot of Marseille. You can find some information on the history of the Tarot of Marseille here.


My name is Mélanie and I am a certified practitioner of the Referential Birth Chart System.

I was trained by Georges Colleuil, the creator of this tool, to learn how to use this unique method of self-knowledge and personal development.

Today, I put this knowledge into practice by conducting RBC individual sessions and workshops in English and in French to anyone interested to discover this unique approach of personal growth.

I am looking forward to accompany you through the Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille.

Online Private Session

How to book an online private session via Zoom? 

You send me an email via the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

I will get back to you per email to schedule a session.

70 euros – the session lasts 75 minutes. 

TBC In depth exploration Programm (via Zoom)

Learn how to calculate and explore in depth your own chart.

You need to attend a Tarot Birth Chart private session before booking an In depth exploration Programm.

3 individual live sessions (75 minutes each)

70 euros per session


To get more details, contact me via the Contact form below.


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