The narcissistic pervert unmasked with the Devil's Arcane

Have you ever dealt with a narcissistic pervert? Do you rub shoulders with a narcissistic pervert in your daily life? This can be your boss, a loved one, your spouse…

If this situation concerns you, I propose you to plunge into the arcane of the Devil:

Where do you stand in this picture?

Chances are you'll see yourself in the little characters attached to each side of the devil. These little characters linked, their hands behind their backs, unable to act, lowered, infantilisésed, submissive, subjugated by the devil who crushes them.

Do you recognize yourself?

Keep the image of these little characters in mind as they represent your position against the narcissistic pervert. That position that makes you suffer.

How to get out of this situation?

The best solution is probably to flee to any leg this person. But for a variety of reasons, it is not always feasible quickly. 

So how do we do it in the meantime?

Taking the place of the Devil: Climb on the pedestal, now put yourself in the skin of the central character.

You are no longer enslaved. You are no longer bound, submissive. The chains have fallen. You are now the devil standing on the pedestal.

You are the master: you have mastery of yourself, not illusory mastery over others. You are the master of your life.

You are powerful and we owe you respect, as much as you respect others.

You are powerful and it would not come to anyone's idea to crush you, demean you, dominate you. No one can get you off the pedestal.

Take a good look at the Devil: it teaches you how to access your power. Think back to that arcane when you're in contact with a narcissistic pervert.

Ask yourself what place you want to be. And remember, you have a choice.

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